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For Bulk Orders of this book including shipping costs call 516-351-7685

For Bulk Orders of this book including shipping costs call 516-351-7685

Your Companion Study Guide for ‘Discover the Life You Were Born to Live’ is Now Available.

This workbook is Your Companion Study Guide for my first book, ‘Discover the Life You Were Born to Live – Dare to Make a Difference! It is designed to assist you in your journey of the greatest discovery of your Christian life.

Each chapter in Your Companion Study Guide coincides with the chapter by the same title in the book and is designed for the individual or the small group study. It is a great resource for churches, bible studies and individual studies.

Your Companion Study Guide is designed to help you identify areas of struggle and move you into true freedom. The goal is to help you face some of the negative experiences life can bring to all of us head on and to finally deal with them with the help of the Holy Spirit personally and through other Holy Spirit filled ministers and believers.

Dr. John C. Maxwell says, Events are good for making decisions, but it is process that will bring lasting change. Many believers have been to events where they have made a decision to change but have had little if any success. The primary reason is that they have never engaged a process that will produce lasting change. I sincerely believe that Your Companion Study Guide along with my book is what you have been longing for and as you take this journey you will take your Christ centered relationship with the Lord to a whole new level.

 IMG_1988    Have you ever wondered why you are on this planet?

  Do you know your destiny and purpose in life? If God has such a great plan for you, what is it? For most people, that is the million-dollar question. The truth is–we live in a broken world! We all live with the consequences of our own choices and in some cases, the choices that others have made. Traumas and tragedies in life have produced countless hurting and struggling people desperate to break free from the bondage of their past and the bitter consequences of those choices.

“Michael J. Burns has hit the target! In his outstanding book, he clearly outlines a  strategic blue print for what most of us need…restoration!” – William V. Crouch, President | Van Crouch Communications

Author Michael J. Burns knows this from personal experience. As a child, he endured verbal and physical abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father. The dysfunction of his childhood put him on a path that seemed destined for tragedy, and his life quickly began to spin out of control. Desperate to break free from the repetitive cycles of destruction, Michael began his own personal journey of discovery. In Discover the Life You Were Born to Live, he openly and freely shares the insights and truths that changed his life forever–and they can do the same for you!

The good news is that your past does not have to define you–you can discover the purpose and destiny for which you were created!


“This inspiring read will be a great source of encouragement as you make the journey into complete freedom and transformation.”  – Matt Sorger | Matt Sorger Ministries and Host of TV’s Power for Life

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About the Author

HEAD SHOTMichael J. Burns has been empowering people for more than 39 years. He has served as the founding pastor of REAL Church at Christian Joy Fellowship Inc. since 1984 and have recently entered a New Phase of ministry. His leadership in the faith community has impacted countless lives across the American Northeast and around the world. Mike has a heart for missions and his mission trips have taken him to several nations of the world. He has worked throughout the state of New York by helping to establish Christian men’s ministry in hundreds of churches. Today, he and Cynthia have relocated to Florida where they are basing their new traveling ministry. Mike is also an accomplished musician, he has written more than 150 songs and produced several music projects. He is married to the lovely Rev. Cynthia Ann Burns and they have a son, Christopher.


Pastors Mike & Cynthia Burns

IMG_0002Pastors Mike & Cynthia Burns, Founding Pastors

Pastor’s Mike & Cynthia Burns are celebrating 33 years of marriage! Married on April 13th 1985 they have faithfully pastored REAL Church until September of 2018 which Pastor Mike founded in July 1984. Interestingly, Mike & Cynthia attended the same bible college in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in 1980-81 and never met the entire time. Cynthia was raised in Paducah, Kentucky and Mike was raised in Long Island, New York. They met 3 years after their graduation from Rhema Bible Training College when Cynthia was traveling through New York with the New Life Drama Company in June 1984. It was after a church service that Mike attended, where the NLDC was performing that he was introduced to Cynthia. Upon greeting one another Mike had an unusual experience where he heard over his right shoulder these words, “…Michael, you are looking at your wife!” Three days later he asked her to marry him! She did not say yes right away. Two months later she finally gave her heart to Michael and the rest is history as they say!


About Michael J. Burns

Michael J. Burns has been empowering people for over 35 years. His local leadership in the faith community has impacted multitudes of people in the Northeast area of the United States and around the world. He is a husband, father, pastor, musician, song receiver and author whose Life’s Mission is to help people “Discover the Life They Were Born to Live!” Michael J. Burns was born and raised in Long Island, New York. He is a 1981 graduate of Rhema Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He has been a member in good standing of the Rhema Ministerial Association International since 1987. He recently left the church he founded at REAL Church at Christian Joy Fellowship, Inc. since 1984.

Mike helped to open doors for ministry throughout the New York State Metro Area by helping to establish Christian Men’s Ministry in hundreds of churches. He did this by working as a founding member of the Christian Men’s Network founded by his mentor, Dr. Edwin Louis Cole. Mike also helped establish healing schools in more than 120 churches in Long Island and Queens by partnering with Charles and Frances Hunter, affectionately known as “The Happy Hunters.” In 1988, he led the charge for a great Healing Explosion at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum where thousands were trained on how to heal the sick. Thousands more received salvation, the Holy Spirit baptism and healing during this crusade. The Hunters said, “This was our second most successful Healing Explosion, second only to our first one in Pittsburgh.”


Pastor Mike, along with His congregation, spear-headed legal actions against New York State when the legislature passed a law prohibiting the preaching of the gospel in every state park. A federal judge agreed that the restrictions New York had put in place preventing Christian churches from sharing the gospel were unconstitutional, thus setting a legal precedent that still stands today! God has used Pastor Mike, sending him on twelve international ministry trips to ten different nations to preach the gospel. His travels have taken him to Belize, Mexico, Canada, England, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, Ghana West Africa, Uganda East Africa and Trinidad & Tobago.

Pastor Mike has been a leader in unifying the church on Long Island by working with various pastoral networks. He has hosted gatherings for these pastoral networks at his own church as well. Pastor Mike was also a founding board member with the New York Call, along with Pastor Donnie McClurkin. More than 150 churches throughout the New York Metro area have since joined this growing unity movement. For more than ten years, Pastor Mike has been ministering the message of Victory in Jesus on various radio stations in the New York, Long Island area. He has taught in Bible schools and churches in New Jersey as well. His preaching and teaching ministry is powerfully confirmed with biblical signs, wonders, miracles and various gifts of the Holy Spirit. His message is refreshing, humorous and directed straight to the heart of the hearer intended to provoke a response.

Pastor Mike is an accomplished musician who plays the piano, guitar and the drums. He has written over 150 songs and produced several music projects. His live “Let Your Glory Fill This House” CD has gone into 70 nations. The publication of his first book, Discover the Life You Were Born to Live, is a step into a new phase of ministry for his life.

IMG_0764About Cynthia A. Burns

Pastor Mike calls her, “The most beautiful woman, wife and mother in the world!” Cynthia began her relationship with the Lord Jesus when she was just ten years old while watching a Billy Graham Crusade on TV. When Billy Graham led the prayer to receive Jesus as her Lord & Savior, she prayed with him. He then said, “If you are a child then send me a letter and write “YES JESUS! inside.” At age 13 she was supernaturally healed of a disease in her teeth that had become hollow shells, blackened in color with holes in them. In an instant, during a church seminar, she exercised her childlike faith and received a creative miracle of brand new teeth! That experience left an indelible mark on her life and she knew she would serve the Lord is some form of ministry. Her gifts are strong and powerful. With her powerful singing voice the presence of God is manifested in life changing ways. She is also a dynamic teacher of God’s Word and has a great heart for Children’s ministry, Ladies ministry and to whomever she has the opportunity to encourage. Her and her husband move and flow together in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit which brings edification, exhortation and a stirring in the hearts of those present. Her greatest joy remains her family and the raising of their very handsome son, Christopher!

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