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Church Happens
An invaluable resource for pastors as well as church members and a needful tool that can be a building block to the church and surrounding communities.
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Discover the Life You Were Born to Live
Have you ever wondered why you are on this planet? Do you know your destiny and purpose in life? If God has such a great plan for you, what is it? For most people, that is the million-dollar question. The truth is we live in a broken world! We all live with the consequences of our own choices and, in some cases, the choices that others have made. Traumas and tragedies in life have produced countless hurting and struggling people desperate to break free from the bondage of their past and the bitter consequences of those choices. Author Michael J. Burns knows this from personal experience. As a child, he endured verbal and physical abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father. The dysfunction of his childhood put him on a path that seemed destined for tragedy, and his life quickly began to spin out of control. Desperate to break free from the repetitive cycles of destruction, Michael began his own personal journey of discovery. In Discover the Life You Were Born to Live, he openly and freely shares the insights and truths that changed his life forever and they can do the same for you! The good news is that your past does not have to define you you can discover the purpose and destiny for which you were created!
Discover the Life You Were Born to Live
Your Companion Study Guide
This workbook is Your Companion Study Guide for my first book, ‘Discover the Life You Were Born to Live – Dare to Make a Difference! It is designed to assist you in your journey of the greatest discovery of your Christian life.
Each chapter in Your Companion Study Guide coincides with the chapter by the same title in the book and is designed for the individual or the small group study. It is a great resource for churches, bible studies and individual studies.
Your Companion Study Guide is designed to help you identify areas of struggle and move you into true freedom. The goal is to help you face some of the negative experiences life can bring to all of us head on and to finally deal with them with the help of the Holy Spirit personally and through other Holy Spirit filled ministers and believers.
Dr. John C. Maxwell says, Events are good for making decisions, but it is process that will bring lasting change. Many believers have been to events where they have made a decision to change but have had little if any success. The primary reason is that they have never engaged a process that will produce lasting change. I sincerely believe that Your Companion Study Guide along with my book is what you have been longing for and as you take this journey you will take your Christ centered relationship with the Lord to a whole new level.
Pastors Mike & Cynthia Burns are not only prolific teachers who move in the supernatural power of God, but they are also gifted singers and song receivers. Cynthia has an amazingly anointed voice that ushers in God’s mighty presence. Pastor Mike plays the piano, guitar and drums. He has received and written over 150 songs. Back in 1997 they produced a LIVE Album entitled; Let Your Glory Fill This House – Song’s From The Shepherd’s Heart Volume One. It is now available on iTunes and other digital platforms as of December 2018! It is also one of the gifts we bring with Us when we come and minister in various locations.
Original Songs Include: Psalm 95; Crown Him With Many Crowns; Full Sway; Jesus Paid It All; Faithful in the Fire; Building Me Up; Spontaneous Worship; Lord You Are Worthy To Be Praised; Lord I Worship You; Consecrated To Thee; Let Your Glory Fill This House; Through Christ; and Jesus Is Coming Back Again!
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