All Things Are New for 2019

Every New Year there is a tendency to sensationalize the passing of the old with the new and coming up with a theme for the year.

As 2018 is coming to a close and we are entering 2019 the temptation is to come up with a theme that will set the tone for the incoming year. We have to acknowledge that there are seasons throughout the year like winter, spring, summer and fall. Some parts of the world do not have the luxury of having all four seasons in nature. That was one of the good things my wife and I experienced living on Long Island.

Now that we are living in Florida, as of September 2018, it’s pretty much hot weather. Although we are living in what is called the cool season. It’s a relative term because down here in Florida it can be in the 60’s one day and in the 70’s or 80’s the next during the cool season which can last from October to April. It’s all about seasons and how they change. There are seasons to our lives as well. I once heard it said that Winter is the season of Resting, Springis the season of Sowing, Summer is the season of Growing and Fall is the season of Harvest!

In the natural this is quite predictable. One season follows another and is repeated sequentially each year. In our lives though we can find ourselves in one of these seasons in various areas of our lives. For instance we may find our marriages in a Growing season. Our financial life in a Sowing season and our health in a Winter season. It’s really not about the season of the year that impacts our lives it comes down to what we have been sowing in the past that is affecting what we are harvesting today!
Remember, Everything God does is according to a pattern based on a principle of His Kingdom. I’m really not against theme’s for the New Year. I have used them in the past. But don’t be fooled by some who might say that you have entered a season and things are going to change no matter what you say or do! If you will agree with God’s Word and believe it then you will have exactly what He has said and promised. I am believing that 2019 will be a continuation of all things becoming new as they began in my heart and now in my circumstances. How about you?
Michael J. Burns

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